Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Robert Clergerie für Carven

It's so embarassing, I'm sorry but I can't handle polyvore. But it was definetley my last try. In the future I will present my favourite items in this traditional style. Polyvore sucks!
What ever, I fell in love with these plateau moccasins. They are designed by the french shoe designer Robert Clergerie for the paris fashion label Carven. If I had enough money i would definetley buy them.
 If someone knows a brand that designed this kind of shoe but much cheaper, let me know! Although I will keep my eyes open. Cause I need those for this spring!


  1. dankeschön! ♥ nein gar nicht, einfach drauf los malen :-)

    xoxo, julia

  2. Dankeschön! Du machst aber auch hübsche Bildchen.

  3. happy new year!!!

    xoxo from rome